Meet the Stewards

Here at Triple Divide Farms we consider ourselves stewards of the land and caretakers of this truly unique property first, and production agriculturalists second.

Harold “John” Torok is senior partner and the registered Hereford beef operations manager, but we like to call him Dad. 

John has worked and lived his entire life on this mountain, married his childhood sweetheart and raised three sons. Primarily a dairy farmer, John and his wife retired from that endeavor after 40 years, sold their dairy herd, and settled into new careers off the farm.

In 2003 John, a man ahead of his time, saw a need to protect the Genesee River portion of the farm from development and entered into a conservation program with the Department of the Interior, (managed by the USDA) and set aside 250 acres to be intensely managed for soil health, native plant propagation, and wildlife habitat restoration. Working hand in hand with the USDA and managing a grazing only operation to control nonnative and invasive plants, the abundance and diversity of flora and fauna in this short period of time is truly remarkable, and a direct result of John’s forward thinking and initiative. 

Johns son Jim returned to the family farm full time with his wife after 29 years with the intention of taking the family farm to the next logical phase of conscientious production. After years of both farming and living around other farmers and ranchers from around the country, regenerative farming and conservation have become their life passion.

Jim and his wife equally share responsibilities as sheep flock manager, marketing management and product research.